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I have been selling cars since 2012.  I started with the Malloy group in Woodbridge VA.  As many from Fredericksburg, I hated the commute to Northern Virginia and switched to Pohanka Hyundai after a little more than one​ and a half years.  My stay with Pohanka was short lived and 6 Months later, I found Mr. Pittman and the Radley Auto Group.  It has been my home since September 2014.

My first full year at Radley was both a difficult one and a successful one.  I had just divorced and was keeping two daughters in College.  I watched my car get repossessed right in front of the Store.  With help from Mr. Pittman, I got my car back and he had a loyal employee.  I went on to sell more than 200 cars and trucks that year.  

The next two years were were equally as successful with one hundred and ninety nine cars and two hundred ten cars the next.  I have achieved this success through perseverance, luck, and great customers.  Honesty is at the base my being.  Everyone knows the phrase "I cannot tell a lie", well, I won't tell you one.  I may not have the best delivery, but you will never leave me feeling like you were not well cared for.

I have received multiple awards in my short career helping people buy new vehicles.  I was employee of the year with Malloy, headed for the same when I arrived at Pohanka.  At Radley, I was Salesman of the Year 2015, runner up in 2016 and 2017.  I have been a top 80 salesman for Chevrolet each of the past 3 years for Delaware, southern Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington D.C, and Norther Virginia.  I have also received an Everyday Hero for going above and beyond in helping a stranded traveler.  I have been a Gold Club Member for superior sales as well as a 3 time Mark of Excellence recipient.  My customer satisfaction index rates in the high 90th percentile.  

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- New cars, SUV's, Trucks sales

- Used cars, SUV's, Trucks sales

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- Leasing

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